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Shanghai Tensor E&M Equipement Co.,Ltd

Room1805, West BeiJing Road 1701, JingAn Tower, Shanghai
Zip Code: 200040
Tel: 021-32527145
Fax: 021-52139845
Email: airmotor@teng-shi.com

Beijing Tensor ZhongJi E&M Equipment Co.,Ltd

Room 2106, Building1, West MaJiaBao Road 15, ShiDaiFengFan Tower, BeiJing
Zip Code:100068
Tel: 010-85960462
Fax: 010-85962452
Email: tshenjian@163.com

About Us  


Shanghai Tensor E&M Equipment Co., Ltd as one of integrated company professional engaged in R&D design, production and sales service, and also is a crucial distributor of many worldwide automation manufacturers in China. Tensor specialized in Pneumatic Motor; Diesel Engine starting system; Air Deceleration Motor; Diaphragm Pump/Piston Pump; Automatic Feed Drill and Air Chain Hoist and winches,etc. Moreover, we also provide systematic solutions, technical support, after-sales service and capable to meet different customers in different industries special requirements. So far, we have many successful applications in field of Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Paper Making, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Energy, Environmental Protection Industry and etc.

Since the company established in 2004, has been always chasing a business philosophy as "professional and technical services to create value for customers". Shanghai Tensor formed its own unique business style in the domestic industry, established the reputation of quality assurance, fast response and good faith, it has become a technology-based trading company with strong R&D capabilities; professional sales team and service system of warranty.

Base on the domestic market characteristics and needs, Shanghai Tensor create "the problem within 24hours to solve" approach to customer service. In recent years, in order to perfect after-sales service system as the company's core competitive competency in the market, creating an excellent quality, professional technical sales team, and established "Tensor Technical Service Center" where integrates R&D, maintenance and testing function. With the improvement of comprehensive strength of company, Beijing Tensor Company had established in 2006, broaden the marketing and service area, especially, for the users from northern region to provide a convenient and efficient service support system. At present, Shanghai Tensor's business and services spread all over the East, North and Northwest and other vast areas of China.

As a vibrant technology-based trading company, Tensor persistently adhere to strengthen enterprise management, to combine promote enterprise operation and technological progress with strengthening the construction of enterprise culture. Over past few years, Tensor was has awarded the "outstanding dealer annual star" title and Shanghai GUYI Park Economic City issued by the Enterprise Development first prize of honor. For the future development, people of Tensor will make unremitting efforts; forge ahead and the spirit of the courage to take responsibility, to provide our customers with excellent products and professional technical services.

Base on the concept of market--"Safe, Precision, and Efficiency", the reputation of quality and betimes reaction were already built by Shanghai Tensor and the recognition of domestic market came fast. For instance, Pneumatic Engine Barring Motors; and Pneumatic Engine Lubricating Feed System have becoming the first choice of Diesel Engine Accessories to several famous Diesel Engine Manufacturers, such as Cummins and Caterpillar.

Along with the development of company scale, a professional customer service center had established in 2008 for maintenance and testing. It has capable of providing special customer service for emergence case. Tensor promised that wherever you placed in China, we will be the actual locale of your problem within 24hours after you calling. While, Beijing Tensor controlled company and Jinan branch office also came into existence successively, they are providing customer service and technical support for the entire market of China.

Tensor, with its vigorous and innovative culture has been persistently carrying forward the combination of corporate culture, technology and business affairs for improving corporation's management methods. This corporate philosophy ensured that Tensor obtained "The best distributor annual of Asia Pacific region" by Ingersoll-Rand in 2008 and 2009. In March, 2010, it took the initiative in winning the first development prize from Shanghai "GuYi" garden Commercial Committee for Development Planning. Since the earliest stage of its development, Tensor has always paying attention to the social responsibilities and believing that dignity image of corporation itself is the recognition by the society of the service it had performed. Therefore, Tensor's image has been not only building the spirit of "self-reliance, self-improvement" for facing the market competition, but also consistently abiding by the rules of state Commerce、Taxes and Trade. Meanwhile, Tensor also has long pursued to "give the love and care to the Humanitarian and relief" and this has never changed.

For the future development, Tensor delights to cooperate with excellent Diesel Engine Accessories suppliers from both domestic and worldwide. With mature domestic diesel engine customers' relationship and huge market share, Tensor is possible to say with confidence you can trust us to help keep your Chinese market operating at their absolute best.



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