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Air Deceleration Motor
IPU Engine Starter
Air/ Hydraulic Chain Hoist
Pneumatic Stirrer
Pneumatic Diaphragm/ Piston Pump
Industrial Pneumatic Motor
Pneumatic Barring system
Diesel Engine Pneumatic Starting Motor
Diesel Engine Pneumatic Prelubricated Pump
Pneumatic Self-Feed Drill/Self-Feed & Lead Screw Tapper
Product Applications
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Shanghai Tensor E&M Equipement Co.,Ltd

Room1805, West BeiJing Road 1701, JingAn Tower, Shanghai
Zip Code: 200040
Tel: 021-32527145
Fax: 021-52139845
Email: airmotor@teng-shi.com

Beijing Tensor ZhongJi E&M Equipment Co.,Ltd

Room 2106, Building1, West MaJiaBao Road 15, ShiDaiFengFan Tower, BeiJing
Zip Code:100068
Tel: 010-85960462
Fax: 010-85962452
Email: tshenjian@163.com

Customer Service  

After many years of business practice and development, in order to perfect after-sales service system as the company's core competitive competency in the market, creating an excellent quality, professional technical sales team, and established "Tensor Technical Service Center" where integrates R&D, maintenance and testing function.It has capable of providing special customer service for emergence case.Moreover, we provide to the end user with the best systematic solutions, technical support and after-sales service and capable to meet different customers in different industries special requirements.

Shanghai Tensor creates "To solve the problem on site within 24 hours" approach to customer service. The first-class maintenance and detection ability, not only can timely and efficient solve your on site failure but also for you to reduce maintenance costs.


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