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Beijing Tensor ZhongJi E&M Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Name:IR series Pneumatic motor
Type:IR series Pneumatic motor
Description: IR series air motor   ...
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Name:ARO series Pneumatic Motor
Type:ARO series Pneumatic Motor
Description: ARO series Pneumatic Motor      ...
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Name:SELECT series pneumatic motor
Type:SELECT series pneumatic motor
Description: SELECT series pneumatic motor Features Lube Free ai...
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Type:The specialty of Diaphragm Pumps
Description:   Features Avaible for empty runnning, no electri...
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Name:EXPert Series Diaphragm Pumps
Type:EXPert Series Diaphragm Pumps
Description: EXPert Series Diaphragm Pumps     ...
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Name:Pro series Diaphragm Pumps
Type:Pro series Diaphragm Pumps
Description: Pro series Diaphragm Pumps     ...
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Type:Ported Powder Transfer Pump
Description: IR ARO Ported Powder Transfer Pump Features ■Transfer and...
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Name:ARO High Pressure Pump
Type:ARO High Pressure Pump 2:1ratio & 3:1ratio
Description: ARO High Pressure Pump     ...
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Name:ARO Piston Pumps' specialty
Type:ARO Piston Pumps' specialty
Description: ARO Piston Pumps specialty ARO piston pumps provide industry ...
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Name:Two Ball Piston Pumps
Type:Two Ball Piston Pumps
Description: ARO TWO BALL PISTON PUMPS Two-ball piston pumps are the most ...
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